To order any of the videos, send check or money order to:

Duwane Adams
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San Manuel, AZ 85631

Glassing for Trophy Animals
$23.95 plus $4.00 for S&H

  • We do all of our guiding on public land. This video will help the beginner as well as the veteran hunter
  • How to find 200 inch mule deer, 350 inch bulls, and 100 inch coues deer all on public land
  • How to find them in their beds
  • How to look in the mornings and evenings. These times for glassing are very different
  • What glasses are best. Very important!
  • Five world renown guides are on this DVD. We spend a day in the field with each guide. We learn how they all do it, and do it consistently.
  • This video has actual footage of trophy elk, mule deer, comes deer, and how we find them
  • 12 B&C coues deer, 2 P&Y coues deer, 10 mule deer over 200 inches, 7 bull elk over 370 inches, all on public land and using glassing techniques.
  • This video is a must and will definitely help you!

Hunting Elk in Arizona with Bow, Muzzleloader, or Rifle 
$23.95 plus $4.00 for S&H

  • See 60 pictures of trophy bulls from Arizona
  • How to hunt big bulls with a bows
  • See a bull over 400″ killed in Unit 1
  • Bull with Drop Tine killed at 20 yds in Unit 1
  • Muzzleloader bull over 370″ in Unit 1
  • How to call big bulls, when to call big bulls and when NOT to call big bulls
  • What camo is best for your hunt
  • Hunting over water
  • Pictures, pictures and more pictures of bulls from all over the state

How to Hunt the Kaibab with Bow, Muzzleloader or Rifle
$23.95 plus $4.00 for S&H

I believe you will find this to be one of the most informative DVD’s you will ever need for hunting the Kaibab.  Whether you hunt with a bow, muzzleloader or rifle, this dvd is a must to help make your hunt a “SUCCESSFUL HUNT”.

The following is just some of the information this dvd contains:

  • Come spend a week with Duwane on the east and west side Kaibab.  Duwane wll show you hunting areas he  has taken big bucks in and how he does it.
  • How to hunt a big buck with a bow on the east and the west side.
  • Where to go on the top of the Kaibab.
  • A look at all drinkers, cement aprons, guzzler dirt tanks and trick tanks.
  • There are over 200 water sources on the Kaibab
  • How to hunt the early hunt east and west side with a rifle.
  • How to hunt with a muzzleloader and where to go.
  • How to hunt the late west side and where to go.
  • How to hunt the late east side and where to go.
  • Duwane will show you the foods they eat on the late hunts on both sides.
  • Pictures of 30 bucks taken on the Kaibab from 190″ to 231″!!!!

To order any of the above videos, send check or money order to:

Duwane Adams
204 Avenue B
San Manuel, AZ 85631